C.M.E. Programmes held

One of the main objectives of the foundation is to conduct educative C.M.E. programs for P.G. students and clinicians. Two mega C.M.E. programs are conducted every year on 2nd October to mark the date on which Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam with the patronage of his holiness Jayendra Sareswathi Swamigal took over the hospital, on May 2nd every year mark the founder of the hospital-Prof.M.S.Ramakrishnan’s anniversary. These two C.M.E.’s are of national status.

C.M.E. is decided based on the current disease prevalence that exists in children. To make it a quality event, the C.M.E. committee explores the list of best speakers in each subject and the foundation sends invitation to them to come down and speak as this event is carried out for two days; some speakers are called to speak on two days, and some for just one day. The latter procedure depends entirely on the subjects chosen. Their travel and hospitality are taken care of by the foundation.

During the last 17 yrs these C.M.E.’s have proceeded uninterrupte. There is usually a wide publicity and media coverage to these events. The list of speakers and the title of the C.M.E. programme are included here with. Apart from this intra mural C.M.E. programs, workshops, teaching programs and OSCE work shop of National Board of Examinations are conducted, as and when requests came from teachers and students.

A very informative souvenir is brought out which contains all the lectures (after editing) as full texts. These books are sent to the department of science and technology for validation of our research activities. For 100% exemption certificate once in three years, all research publication of the consultants are compiled and given to the office for necessary action.

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